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Selasa, 04 April 2017

Tausiyah Cinta (2016) Full Movie Indonesia

Tausiyah Cinta (2016) Full Movie Indonesia - Hallo sahabat, Selamat Datang di Website Download Full Movie, Silahkan menikmati Tausiyah Cinta (2016) Full Movie Indonesia dari kami, Dan jangan lupa untuk menikmati Artikel kami yang lainnya, Terima kasih.

Tausiyah Cinta (2016) Full Movie

Informasi Movie


Genre Movie : Drama, Romantis
Tanggal Rilis : 3 Maret 2016
Pemain/Pemeran :  Hamas Syahid, Ressa Rere, Rendy Herpy, Zaky Ahmad Rivai, Peggy Melati Sukma, Hilman Rosyad, Irwansyah, Rafi Cinoun, Meyda Sefira, Afwan Riyadi, Neno Warisman
Igo Ilham,
Kualitas Gambar : DVDRIP

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Sinopsis Movie


Quoted from, Film Tausiyah love to tell revenge Lefan (Rendy Herpy) on the death of the mother getting upset and accompanying steps to fight to achieve success without the help of his father. Perseverance makes Lefan as the drafter of business success and well-known in Indonesia. However, success has been achieved not dampen anxiety Lefan heart. (See also: Complete Movie Synopsis He Who Dares (2014), Heroic Action Tumpas Terrorist) He is not satisfied with the father who does not treat her well and will get married again. While on his sister, he values ​too busy going out to preach and do not pay attention to the family. (See also: Complete Film Synopsis The Big Short (2015), Take Profit from Financial Crisis) Until he met a handsome architect who also hafidz Qur'an. Azka (Hamas martyr Izuddin) is the answer of the anxiety that had settled in the heart Lefan. According to him, Azka is exemplary figure he could never find his father. (See also: Complete Synopsis London Film Love Story (2016), What Love Can Trust?) Friendship is woven two young figure was peppered with the problems of life that is so thrilling. Until the presence of a beautiful girl who memorized the Qur'an and happy archery, Rein (Ressa Rere). They are involved in a joint project, namely water recycling Lefan wudhu.Ada vibration felt by the presence of Rein. For him, Rein is the answer of a woman who didambanya. But .. why Lefan precisely reversed Shedding tears Rein answers given. Until tersyair Lefan feelings and crying in a poem. These feelings are part of the effort to always be close to Him.

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Sekian dulu Tausiyah Cinta (2016) Full Movie Indonesia dari kami, Semoga Tausiyah Cinta (2016) Full Movie Indonesia ini bermanfaat untuk anda dan Silahkan menikmati Artikel kami yang lainnya, Terima Kasih.

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